Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

As a collegial community of faculty, staff, and students, we strive for innovation, leadership, and excellence in chemical engineering scholarship, education and service. We endeavor to promote the development and education of future leaders in chemical engineering. We seek to create and sustain a mutually supportive, stimulating environment to promote the individual and professional growth of members of our academic community.

Program Educational Objectives

The program educational objectives are described after examining the mission of Rutgers, the School of Engineering and the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

a. Mission

The mission statement for the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering represents the goals for both the undergraduate and graduate programs; it was crafted to reflect the vision of the Department and to be consistent with the mission for Rutgers and the School of Engineering.

The mission statements for the University, School of Engineering and Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department are as follows.

Institute - Rutgers, New Jersey’s preeminent public university, is one of a small number of comprehensive research universities that is both prepared and committed to exercise national leadership for higher education. We are dedicated to a standard
of quality that makes Rutgers a preferred choice for students, a first-rate intellectual environment for faculty, and an outstanding place to work for staff.

We are committed to:

  • Creating knowledge and ideas for the improvement of the human condition.
  • Preparing students to meet the needs of a changing society and encouraging their personal and professional growth.
  • Advancing the well-being of our communities, state, and nation.

Rutgers seeks nothing less than to become one of America’s very best universities.

School of Engineering - The Delivery of Excellent Education, Research, Service and Economic Development.

- A friendly environment of relevant scholarship with the respect of our academic peers.
- Multidisciplinary activities with strong (traditional) academic departments.
- Mission elements as irreducible whole.
- Close collaborative relationship with State and Industry.
- Recognized value of intellectual propery.

To prepare men and women through education and research for the imaginative, purposeful and thoughtful creation and utilization of knowledge and technology designed to improve the human condition and maintain the diversity of life on Earth.